New Hobbies To Try: Learn and gain new skills at home

It can sometimes get very boring at home when we have spare time but nothing productive to do. I’m a creative person so I love to occupy my time with inventive and imaginative things. I’m going to share with you a few new hobbies you can try at home and ways to get started.


Art might be a perceptible hobby. However some people tend to avoid doing it because they think you need certain skills to try art. We ignore the fact that there’s so many different forms art that we can try.

I love art because there is no limit to what you can learn. There are so many different forms of art out there waiting to be explored; such as abstract or sculpting.

You shouldn’t worry about making mistakes or not knowing what to do, that’s why there’s platforms like YouTube that can help guide you if you really want to pursue new hobbies such as art skills.


Crotchet is like knitting but it is a different method of stitching. We need to break out of stereotypes that these type of hobbies are only for older people. It’s very simple once you get the hang of it.

Do you know the amount of things you can create from crotchet? My sister recently obtained this hobby; she’s young and she loves it! She’s created scarves, and blankets. To get started you can go to your local fabric store or on Amazon; they have so many tools to get you started.

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Just like art, we assume that we need cooking skills to try new recipes, because of the fear it might be a fail or not taste good. If you don’t try the first time, you’ll never learn and gain new skills.

When it comes to cooking buy a recipe book and browse through it and find something you want to try and make it! There are so many recipes out there that seem difficult but are very easy to make such as cheesecake.


Embroidery is such an interesting and creative hobby to try. You can create great art using thread, and customize clothing such as sweaters and interior design.

Embroidery may seem complicated but there are so many YouTube tutorials you can follow. Once you follow these tutorials you’ll be very happy with the outcome; and eventually you can start creating your own designs.

Fiction Writing

If you love to read stories why don’t you create your own. There are many platforms online that you can use to share your stories online such as vocal.

Vocal is a free website where you can share your stories and you can also get paid depending on how many people view your story. They also always have Writing competitions where the winners can win money, gift cards etc.


Photography is another different form of art that you can try. If you love taking pictures why not explore different areas of photography such as abstract or close up photography.

Go to your garden or find objects around the house and take close ups or abstract photos. You can then bring the pictures to life using apps to edit them afterwards.

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